Monday, January 2, 2012

fusilli with tuna, tomatoes and greens

This dinner came together around this delicious wasabi mayo that they serve with the tuna sandwich at Lure Fishbar. I work in the same building as Lure, and our magazine has a trade account there, which we always use to order food for meetings with different museum curators. One time, we ordered a couple of the tuna sandwiches, and they gave us a big tub of their housemade wasabi mayo to go with them.

After the lunch was over, and I successfully scavenged the leftovers, I brought home the big thing of mayo with the intentions of searing off a nice tuna steak to go with it for my dinner. Instead, I made this pasta.

What happened? Well, I went up to the Wild Olive Market, which is like a tiny little Whole Foods in Harlem, only cheaper. It's the closest nice thing to my house (edging out Red Rooster and Chez Lucienne by one avenue, haha). Anyway, I love Wild Olive, but they have a pretty tiny fish/meat case, and they didn't have any tuna that day. Bummer.

I took another spin around the store and noticed some fancy looking Wild Planet canned albacore tuna. Sure, it's expensive at $4 a can, but as you can see on the website, that's actually the whole-sale, buy-a-whole-flat-of-tuna, price, so kudos to you Wild Olive. Also, when I opened the can, it was like a real tuna steak. Is it packed in oil or water? Oh I don't know, maybe NEITHER and just the natural tuna juices? Yeah baby.

So I pan seared some small food co-op plum tomatoes, some chopped beet greens, and the tuna, flaked into medium-sized chunks. I tossed it all with fusilli pasta and added the wasabi mayo as a sauce. I recognize that sounds kind of gross, a mayo sauce, but it was actually really good. Lure is really good, and their wasabi mayo is pretty much awesome, especially with tuna. I could probably learn how to make my own, but for now I am utterly dependent on work lunch leftovers to get my hands on this goodness. If you know a recipe for a spicy, creamy wasabi mayo, please let me know!

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