Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my sweet tooth wins this round

I ran into a college acquaintance while walking along the parade route yesterday. We both still live near Fordham's Rose Hill campus in our post-undergrad lives. He claims it helps him to save on rent so he can splurge on food, drink and wardrobe. Unfortunately, I too save on rent, but that doesn't mean I have dough left over for anything too indulgent. That's why it's a problem when I learn about $9 slices of almond cake with walnuts and heavenly looking frosting. One day, I will try it, and I bet it will be worth it--unlike the Haagen-Daz Bailey's Irish Cream Milkshake I spent $6.45 on last night while waiting for the LIRR in the bowels of Penn Station. Epic disappointment. Bailey's has a nice flavor when you are sipping an alcoholic beverage, but quickly becomes cloying and overwhelming when served as a 1500 calorie shake. You don't get drunk, just full. It was purchased in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, but I should have gone with my old standby, the Mint Chip Dazzler. I will never abandon you again, Dazzler. I know now that nothing could be better that your layered depths of mint chocolate chip ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, Oreo cookie crumbs and chocolate sprinkles. Give me that coronary in a cone!

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