Sunday, March 29, 2009

saturday night blues

Last night, my boyfriend claimed that my social engagements will continue to decline in number as I get older, and that more and more often, I will not have plans to see my friends on the weekend. This is depressing, considering that seeing my friends on a regular basis is one of the primary reasons post college life remains bearable. I refuse to accept this. There is no reason that I cannot do better than watching the American ladies fall short at the International Figure Skating World Championships on a Saturday night. Alissa Czsiny may have lovely lines and blah blah blah but I am so not convinced that girl can perform under pressure. Even in winning this year's National Championship, she fell. Scott Hamilton may still think she's the next big thing, but I'm so not impressed with her history of choking (as seen when she failed to make the Olympic team in 2006). Michelle Kwan may as well give a come back a shot-- given her performance as a commentator last night, that certainly doesn't play to her strengths, and the field of American women is shamefully weak. Sasha Cohen is also contemplating a return to competitive skating. Neither of them may be able to compete with the new World Champion, Kim Yu-Na, who now holds the world record for highest score by a large margin, but I'd be willing to bet they could outperform Czsiny. I'm also interested to see if Emily Hughes throws her hat back in the rink after missing Nationals due to injury the past two years, or if we see a return to form from former World Champion Kimmie Miessner. Rachel Flatt did well in her free skate at Worlds to finish 5th, but she's 16 and the Olympics and (even the Olympic trials) are a whole different brand of pressure!

OK, I admit it. I had no problem staying in and watching Figure Skating, I am all about that shit.

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