Thursday, April 2, 2009

don't they say hiding food is unhealthy?

Last night Nathan found my secret stash of Girl Scout Cookies. By secret stash, I mean three boxes hidden in plain sight in a plastic bag atop my dresser. I've had them for exactly two weeks now, so it's actually surprising that it took him until now to sniff them out. He was not pleased to discover I'd been holding out on him (he was yelling "what the fuck" at quite a loud volume by his standards). Quickly, I explained that Girl Scout Cookies are a once a year treat that I treasure and savor in an effort to make their goodness last as long as possible. However, everyone else tends to inhale them, and therefore I usually end up discovering that someone has eaten them all and that my careful cookie rationing plan has been sabotaged!!!!

"So can you really blame me for hoarding my Thin Mints?"

"Just tell me that red box isn't Samoas."

"It's Tagalongs; you don't even like peanut butter, baby!"

He grudgingly accepted my deception, and I placated him with a Thin Mint and some of our much coveted milk. All was well once more, although I'll be needing a new "hiding spot" if I don't want to share my second box of Thin Mints.

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