Tuesday, October 4, 2011

extra flakey scallion pancakes!

I'm not going to lie. I feel pretty good about posting a recipe for scallion pancakes. It's like, totally unexpected, right? Not that I think my cooking is in a rut or anything, obviously. I'm just proud of making something Asian that's not a stir fry!

The recipe came from Serious Eats's alway informative but often overly involved food lab series.

The dough is couldn't-be-easier mix of flour and boiling water-- where things get interesting is in the pancake formation, which involved repeated flattening and oiling and rolling, in a process that is better left to the food lab folks to explain than me.

Suffice to say that these truly are flakey and delicious in their scalliony goodness, and if you put them in a Chinese food take out box, no one would suspect that they didn't come from the local take-out joint. In this case, that's totally a compliment.

I didn't have any "Chinkiang"-- whatever that is-- or rice wine vinegar for the dipping sauce, so I just added some sesame oil to the mix of soy sauce, extra scallion greens, grated fresh ginger and teaspoons sugar. It was appropriately zippy and salty. Damn good. You can also see the bok choi I sauteed to go with it all in the background.

So yeah. If I can make scallion pancakes this good, anyone can. Seriously.

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