Monday, October 3, 2011

mint pea pesto

So this I was like pretty proud of. My dad came over and helped me install a window herb garden, which, by the way is totally dying on me. What the hell man? I water them once a day, shouldn't that be enough? WHY IS ALL MY THYME AND BASIL DYING ON MEEEEEE?


What I was saying is that my dad came over to help me install a window herb garden, and because I am not a totally ungrateful daughter, I made him lunch. I saw this recipe for "pea pesto" on smitten kitchen and while I didn't entirely love the sound of it, it did give me the spark of inspiration I needed to make this dish.

I shelled my sugar snap peas and boiled them for just a hot second. I kept a small handful of the peas aside, but the rest went straight into the blender with walnuts, grated romano cheese, mint, basil, olive oil and a little garlic. Add some salt and pepper, and you've got pea pesto!

The fresh herbs came from my brand new plants, which made it extra special. I cooked up some angel hair pasta which I tossed with the pesto sauce, and then topped with a poached egg, the reserved peas and some extra cheese.

It was SO delicious. I am not a big pea person, but these were just so fresh and sweet, and the mint was the perfect compliment. I also love delicate angel hair pasta, especially with pesto, even if it's not the traditional variety. All around delicious. My dad especially liked the poached egg on top, which he said he'd never had before with pasta. It made the pasta a little more substantial so as to be a full lunch, and when the yolk broke it blended into the pesto sauce in a delightful manner. Good stuff; I promise.

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