Monday, December 5, 2011

red pepper salad with hard boiled eggs and anchovies

So my last two posts have both involved roasted red peppers, something that I really enjoy, both eating and preparing. Today, I have one more idea of what you can do with them: a big old salad with anchovies, hard-boiled eggs, garlic, parsley and a nice vinaigrette with olive oil.

Honestly, there's really not all that much more to say about it. If you like those things, then you will like this salad. I have really come to enjoy a well executed anchovy. They are totally salty and potentially overpowering, but if employed judiciously I think they can actually add a lot to a dish. Here, with the egg and the sweet peppers, you've got a really excellent combination.

No recipe today. I used peppery arugula in my salad, but this could work with spinach, or butter lettuce, or probably even red leaf. It's a hearty salad that can stand on its own for lunch, or even dinner if you serve it with some garlic bread or maybe something simple like a fish fillet. It's a very good mix of ingredients.

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