Wednesday, June 13, 2012

roast vegetable mash with sauteed mixed greens and sausages

So recently I told you about a meal that I thriftily prepared from ingredients I found tucked away in my cupboard, and how Nathan probably wouldn't approve since thinks he's better than everyone who gets some modicum of enjoyment from throwing together a dinner that way. I also mentioned that he's equally dismissive of "market meals." Basically, he just likes to be judgey when foodies are involved.

On that note, I'm afraid I'm going to have to out him, because this meal is entirely composed of food from the Union Square Market, and Nathan was totally complicit in its purchase and preparation.

We made this at Nathan's grandma's house last time his mom was in town, early this year. The farmer's market had a surprisingly good selection for a weekend in January. Of course, this was an incredibly mild winter, so that couldn't have hurt, but still. We had our pick of hearty root vegetables, and organic meats, breads and cheeses, which was to be expected, but there were also still bright leafy greens to be had.

After a leisurely loop around the square, we made our purchases (lamb sausages, assorted root veggies and mustard greens) and decided on our menu: roast vegetable mash with sauteed mixed greens and pan-fried sausages.

We made one other market purchase: awesome, paper thin crisps of Peruvian potato chips, which we naughtily snacked on while preparing dinner.

There's not much to say about the actual cooking. We peeled and sliced up the root veggies (a mix of turnips, parsnips, carrots and shallots), and roasted them with olive oil, salt and pepper, until tender. Then I did my best to mash them up with a spoon.

Meanwhile, we cooked the sausages up in a frying pan. Once they were cooked through nicely, I removed them from the pan, and sauteed up the mustard greens in the sausage grease with a little bit of garlic.

Simple ingredients, prepared with a minimum of fuss and ingredients. It was a very easy dinner, and we really enjoyed it.

And then I washed the dishes and Nathan photo-stalked me. I'll show you, because its kind of a funny photo, and also because I feel bad for calling him out so bad up top.

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