Monday, August 16, 2010

chicken marsala

I know I said I would talk about soup, but frankly, I'm sick of soup, and I don't want to talk about it anymore. And, even more so than my broken jaw soups, this is a long overdue post. According to my Flickr, this photo was taken on June 9th. Wow. Nathan was supposed to cover this entry, but he claims he has nothing to say about this dinner. As you've probably noticed, his contributions to the blog have been few and far in between, so this really isn't that surprising.

Anyway. Chicken marsala. We had bough a nice bottle of marsala wine to make Jody Adam's mushroom fricasse and gnocchi, and we had plenty leftover for this classic chicken dish.

chicken, mushrooms, and angelhair pasta in a marsala wine sauce

Nathan had mentioned many times that his former roommate Dan's mother made awesome chicken marsala, so he inquired after her recipe. It turned out to be from Martha Stewart, and relatively straightforward. We also consulted a Giada DeLaurentis recipe, but ultimately decided against adding either mustard or marscapone.

Basically, all there is to chicken marsala is cooking the chicken and then onions, garlic and mushrooms, adding the wine and reducing it to a glaze. It's never been my favorite dish, but it's pretty tasty. We served our with capellini, but I'd suggest a less delicate pasta like spaghetti or linguini. We also made some green beans with toasted almonds, but they were from a crappy Harlem supermarket and pretty tasteless.

Really, there's not that much more to say. If you have marsala wine, this is a great thing to make with it, but unless you're particularly fond of this dish, this probably isn't something to go out of your way to make. It's yummy, but something about chicken marsala just screams catering hall to me. Not that I wouldn't jump at the opportunity to eat some right now, after three weeks of liquid foods!

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