Friday, September 24, 2010

roasted tomatoes and cipollini onions with cannellini beans

a bright and juicy tomato dish

It just so happens that three of my favorite things are tomatoes, cannellini beans and basil. Mmmmm. Leave it, of course, to smitten kitchen to feature a recipe that features all three of these things, and then watch as I run to the nearest supermarket for fresh basil and canned beans.

This is hearty and filling for a meatless meal, and is a great way to showcase the late season tomatoes still gracing us with their presence here on the East Coast. After last year's debilitating tomato blight, we've really been spoiled with all the beautiful tomatoes in 2010.

Simply roast the tomatoes and peeled onions with olive oil, salt and pepper for 45 minutes at 375˚. Serve with shredded basil, cannellini beans, grated romano cheese and toasted Italian bread– unless your broken jaw can't deal with crispy bread in which case you'll just have to lick your plate or let all those lovely tomato juices go to waste.

Damn. I want to make this again with lovely bread from Madonia now that I can actually chew. So delicious!

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