Wednesday, November 17, 2010

balsamic orange beets with goat cheese and walnuts

beets cooked in orange juice and balsamic vinegar

So as I've mentioned, I'm not too crazy about beets. I don't dislike them, but I get very bored of them after a few bites. Beets are kind of a chore. But I promised I'd try them with goat cheese, so that is just what I did. I know that adding pine nuts is another popular choice, but there was apparently some shortage in China and those little buggers cost $20 a pound, so I used walnuts instead. Way more affordable.

I also took a peek in The Flavor Bible, which suggested pairing beets with oranges. I had some orange juice in the fridge, so I peeled my beets, chopped up an onion, and then boiled the beets in a mixture of oj and balsamic vinegar.

beet salad with goat cheese

Served over arugula with goat cheese and toasted walnuts, these orange infused beets were pretty much as good and they were going to get. That being said, I still wasn't too thrilled with those beets. It was good, but I guess beets just aren't my thing, because I didn't really want to finish them.

Unfortunately, I'm going to keep getting beets as long as I'm in the food co-op, so I guess I'll just have to keep looking for a beet that I love.


  1. Maybe Raisa will find a good recipe for Borscht when she goes to Russia.

  2. I'm with you on the "meh" in regards to beets. I second the borscht rec though, or at least the hot kind, cold borscht just tastes like gross beet-y gazpacho to me :/

    Re: walnuts vs. pine nuts. Not only are the walnuts cheaper but you can't get "pine mouth" from them. Once when making pesto over the summer, we all ended up with this bitter/metallic taste in our mouths for like a week that made eating miserable. Who knew?

  3. you don't like beets that much either? that totally makes me feel better. I did make a borscht, which was good, but I was still not too enthusiastic