Monday, July 12, 2010

the over-stocked fridge

Yesterday, Laura and I both cooked our own veggie-centric dinners in an attempt to get through our surplus of food co-op goodies. Between the two of us, we definitely made a dent in our produce supply, but there is still a considerable amount of food we need to use, and most of it doesn't have a very long shelf life.

It's especially tricky because almost all of it is stored in opaque plastic bags, which makes it hard to keep track of what we've got at any given time. Each week, there's a new supply, and I'm afraid we generally don't finish everything up before the next delivery. In order to better keep track of everything and how old it all is, I've decided to put an inventory on the fridge door, and date things.

As of tonight, we have two bunches of small beets, half of the beet tops, 2 giant beets left over from the winter share, half a red cabbage, two green cabbages, 3½ zucchinis, 4 yellow summer squash, 2 onions, a bag of scallions, a bunch of chard, a bunch of kale, half a bag mixed lettuce, two bunches of turnips, 2 garlic scapes, a little basil, and that's just the food co-op stuff. There's also carrots, celery, and half a bunch of parsley.

The fridge is fit to burst, with the crisper drawers filled to the brim and the bottom shelf is also piled with vegetables.

our full full fridge

As you can probably imagine, it's pretty daunting. If any of those ingredients particularly speak to you, please feel free to share recipe ideas with us. On Wednesday I think I'm going to make a maple turnip carrot recipe that my friend Megan gave me last year, but I'm definitely looking for other ideas.

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  1. I will send you a recipe from Sunday's SF Chronicle for crustless quiche, with the headline "Make the most of summer veggies." Not only that, it's gluten free!