Thursday, July 22, 2010

veggie inventory

So, another Thursday has come and gone, giving me a new load of veggies to do my best to dispose of.

I cooked up some onions and green beans and corn and basil and stuff tonight, but there's still a lot left to go through, and more of it than I care to admit is a week or two old already.

4 ears of corn
3 red onions
3 yellow squash (one of them is from last week)
2 bell peppers
2 zucchini
1 eggplant
1 bag of green beans
1 head of lettuce
1 bunch of basil
1 bunch of carrots with tops
2 carrot tops (from last week. I need to make stock)
3 cucumber (last week's share)
cilantro (from last week... this really ought to be used)
1 onion (last week)
2 bunches of little beets (two and three weeks old respectively)
2 green cabbages (these are at least three weeks old)
3 scallions (at least two or three weeks old)
6 small turnips (probably like 5 weeks old...)
2 garlic scapes (these are from like, the second week of the share)
2 big beets ( I confess these are left over from winter share still. bad Sarah.)

Also I have from the grocery store:
parsley (about a quarter of a bunch)
1 bag of carrots
1 bag of celery

In terms of fruit, I pint of blueberries Nathan's grandma gave me on Tuesday, and a pint of PEACHES from the food co-op. YUM YUM YUM.

It's crazy a lot of food. I am totally overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with deliciousness, but overwhelmed nevertheless.

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