Thursday, September 22, 2011

dry fried garlic scapes with chorizo and polenta

One of the funny things you get from your CSA at the beginning of the season is garlic scapes, the little shoots that grow our from the bulbs. They are milder that the cloves, and they are only available for a short window of time in the late spring.

I like scapes, but aside from dicing them up for coleslaw or salads, I'm often at a loss of what to do with them. That's why I took note when I saw this recipe for dry fried garlic scapes.

For this meal, I left out all the Asian finishing touches in the original recipe, focusing solely on the cooking method: quickly stir frying the scapes in smoking hot oil until they are blistered and browned. First though, I cooked up some sliced chorizo, which left behind plenty of oil in the frying pan in which to cook the scapes. The kind of looked like green beans, but so much tastier. Crispy and so yummy.

I served the scapes and chorizo over some polenta, only rather than stirring in cream or butter for flavor, I just poured the cooked polenta into the pan that I had cooked the sausage and scapes in. It was very rich, but so delicious!

As a bonus, here's what I did with the leftover polenta: served with a poached egg, wilted kale and a couple of torn up basil leaves. AKA: AWESOME BREAKFAST.

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