Monday, September 12, 2011

winter squash bread pudding

This is a bit of a take on the cheesy stuffed acorn squash, which has definitely one of the richest, tastiest things I made last fall/winter. Ooey gooey cheese and slow baked pumpkin or squash with cubes of bread, fresh herbs and a little cream to ensure it all cooks together into one cohesive mass of deliciousness. It was decadent in the best way.

Fast forward to this spring. I had one lone winter squash left in the fridge, and it was starting to soften. I felt guilty about this, since it was my fault for letting the poor little squash languish in the crisper so long, so I chopped it all up and saved what I could.

Then, I tossed the cubed squash with some cubed bread, stuffed the mixture in a ramekin, poured in a little half and half, topped it off with some cheese, and baked it in the oven for like 20 minutes into a tasty breakfasty bread pudding.

The original version stuffed into the squash definitely lends itself to a more impressive presentation, but there's something nice about a little more bread and a little less squash. Either one would be a great addition to your fall menu as we sadly leave summer behind.

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