Sunday, September 18, 2011

fried egg with cheddar, scallion, spinach and duck prosciutto/goat cheese, duck prosciutto and arugula sandwich

So in my last post I mentioned the duck prosciutto that I bought at the Union Square Farmer's Market. It was some amazing stuff. I usually just sliced it up and ate it for a snack, but I also added it to a couple of sandwiches, which was always pretty sweet.

It also makes an AWESOME bacon alternative, fried ever so quickly here and served with a little sauteed spinach and a fried egg topped with cheddar and scallions. No meal should be allowed to look AND taste this good. Just a winner on all counts.

Less striking looking but equally tasty is this sandwich, a simple affair with goat cheese and arugula. Nathan had complained that the duck prosciutto on our sorrel and egg sandwiches was too crispy, and that we had completely lost its unctuous appeal, so this time I just sliced and served.

However, the bread was very warm and toasty when I constructed this sandwich, so you can see that the fatty part of the prosciutto was definitely starting to melt a bit. You'll also notice that Nathan bought up some Miss Vickie's potato chips, which were the perfect salty crunchy accompaniment.

I don't know if duck prosciutto is really all that unique from regular cured pork, but I loved having it in the fridge, and I definitely mean to buy cured meats more often, even if it isn't always duck.

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